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Yoga Therapy for emotional well-being is a holistic body-centered practice that incorporates gentle yoga asanas, embodied mindfulness practices and client-centered dialogue. Combining ancient yoga philosophies with contemporary mind-body psychology, 1:1 sessions are offered within a safe, supportive environment to promote healing, self-awareness and a greater connection to mental, emotional and physical aspects of the self.

Throughout the course of a session, clients are invited to tune into the body to explore inner emotions, reflections, or memories that may arise. This unique method of tapping into the mind-body connection allows for the brain to change, the body to heal, and the mind to convert present-centered awareness into empowering life changing action.

Additional benefits of a yoga therapy session may include:

  • trauma healing and recovery
  • reduction in stress, tension and pain stored in the body
  • increased flexibility and mobility
  • mood regulation
  • greater management of medical and physical conditions
  • increased attunement to self and others
  • processing of grief & loss
  • coping w/life transitions

No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary. Sessions can be adapted to all levels of flexibility and physical presentations.

For more information about yoga therapy or to schedule a session, call
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Disclaimer: The yoga therapy components of my practice are based on my training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) and not derived from my status as an 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry. As a yoga therapist, I do not assess, diagnose, prescribe, treat, or attempt to cure any medical conditions.


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