dr. sherise Prince


 Clinical Psychologist 


Yoga Therapist


Dr. Prince specializes in the application of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based practices for mood, anxiety and stress-related conditions and integrates psychodynamic and humanistic approaches into therapy to promote growth and development.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a research-based treatment designed to expand awareness of maladaptive thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may interfere with one's ability to cope effectively. CBT has been proven effective in reducing symptoms for a range of conditions including mood and anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, addiction, chronic pain and stress-related conditions.

Dr. Prince's approach to therapy is collaborative, comprehensive and tailored to the goals and needs of the individual. Treatment expertise including the following:

  • anxiety disorders (Panic, OCD, Phobias, Social Anxiety)
  • hoarding (home & office visits)
  • trauma recovery
  • relationship & work difficulties
  • coping w/stress & medical conditions
  • women's issues
  • couples/family conflict
  • life transitions and general development

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